SiGMA and The BiG Foundation announces record fund raise from “The BiG Sports Dinner at SiGMA 2017

SiGMA and The BiG Foundation are delighted to announce a record fund raise for charity at The BiG Sports Dinner at SiGMA Chairty Dinner and Awards evening on Wednesday 22nd November 2017, at SiGMA in...
12th February, 2018

Libelium Releases the First Programming Cloud Service for the IoT

Press Release: Barcelona, SpainThe company grows its product portfolio with software services to give intelligence to its sensor devices. The new service...
14th November, 2017

NLP Practitioner Certification Program in Bangalore By Amit Punjabi

NLP is a personal development tool, which is designed to coach people on how to become happier and more effective. It coaches people on how to think and communicate in more useful ways. It...
13th September, 2017

Rising Traffic Is A Definite Contemporary Issue But Improper Parking Even More

This might sound something displeasing to you and pleasing to you too. While it pleases you of the experience you shall have on the roads in India, it might displease you that you may not either...
12th August, 2017

How to use PicsArt Collage Maker to make a Collage of 2:1 Ratio

In this article you will learn how to create a collage of your photos exactly in 2:1 ratio using the PicsArt app. PicsArt allows you to create a collage of 1:1, 3:4, 4:3 ratios by default. But here...
1st July, 2017

The Most Commonly Used HashTags Globally!!!

Twitter is a source of rich information and a place to make great connections but above all it's the hashtag world as we all know it well enough by now. You're reading this because you too have...
14th June, 2017

7 Inspiring Young Women Whose Stories Will Leave You Spellbound!

Women are taking positions and glory globally that once was never heard of and even lesser thought of. Today they have equal opportunities and do things that most men aspire to do. If you see,...
7th June, 2017

21 Things That EVERY Smart Phone USER Does!!

The world today has moved towards being conquered by smart phones. There are people almost everywhere using their personal devices for many many reasons almost so addictively that you feel it's a...
5th June, 2017

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