21 Things That EVERY Smart Phone USER Does!!

Published On : 5th June, 2017

The world today has moved towards being conquered by smart phones. There are people almost everywhere using their personal devices for many many reasons almost so addictively that you feel it's a part of human behavioural patterns today and not anymore a thing of just casual observation! These stated observations are just a few(21!! just a few? Right!). Most of them you might up end relating to and feel "Oh! Crap!, I do that!". You are not alone!

  1. Unlocking & Locking the phone while talking to people to kill the restlessness while almost all the time having the phone in your hand.
  2. Toggling screens when you know there are no notifications but you are still in search of that app that you could find that could possibly have a notification.
  3. Changing ringtones because you know you have many options but can’t use all at once.
  4. Taking selfies because you know your DP needs to change in multiple places.
  5. Clicking pictures of random things and then actually saving them in PC/Laptop or memory cards thinking that they might be the memories you will look back at.
  6. Setting MULTIPLE alarms thinking that you now have the best alarm clock and don’t need another in future.
  7. Opening whatsapp even though there are no notifications just to end up finding a contact to text to, whom you haven’t texted in long and then ending up saying “Hey! long time we didn’t talk. How you doing?".
  8. Going to the photo-gallery, though you know you have no new collections, just to keep browsing the pictures in a hope to recall something exciting to share.
  9. Trying to empty & make some space on the phone by deleting things that aren't so useful anymore and not being able to find enough things that could be deleted & achieving bare minimum output.
  10. Downloading apps from playstore/app-store to "make the most" of your phone!
  11. Uninstalling apps to optimise speed of the phone!
  12. Having to buy portable charger and sometimes two of them.

  13. Keeping a separate organiser for data cables because you have so many of them.
  14. Keeping the phone next to you while sleeping (to text while dreaming?).
  15. Taking phone to bathroom and washroom (even while you loo).
  16. Using while driving/riding and then feeling awesome about being able to do it successfully & then thinking how efficiently you are able use your time. (efficiency? really?).
  17. Having different phones for different sims or having two sims because you have a dual sim are both situations that reflect gadgetisation.
  18. Buying a new phone every time a model is released because you have a strong excuse to claim that the old one is out of date or has less features.
  19. Playing games and mastering them and feeling an essence of accomplishment by competing people you never meet in real life but only on those games.
  20. Oganising all the icons & keeping everything structured in the phone more than you have ever done to your wardrobe.
  21. If you are reading this on your phone then I don’t have to speak much isn't it! :)
Was just observing these things quite often, so felt like putting it up here for you! Hope you enjoyed reading, but I bet you would enjoy watching some of these happen with you and those around you! Some of them are really funny and some I feel are just the output of human thinking patterns, which is why they are common globally. If there are any other habits/behaviours that smart phone users are prone to, share it here in comments. Thank you!

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