7 Inspiring Young Women Whose Stories Will Leave You Spellbound!

Published On : 7th June, 2017

Women are taking positions and glory globally that once was never heard of and even lesser thought of. Today they have equal opportunities and do things that most men aspire to do. If you see, there are only two genders in this world, (of course not denying the third genders) and hence there isn't any reason for not sharing right equally.

While there are women who took corporate highs others who became business women, some others took up acting and pioneered while others became medico who's who(s). Under all cases women have started proving that their caliber is unchallenged from sports to education to philosophy to psychology to engineering or even to space science(or even travelling to space) they are making their mark. While the generation already has many examples around that are note-worthy, these 7 amazing women of substance are making a mark at a very early age in different parts of the world.

1. Neha Ramkrishna from India

She rose from simple middle-class background living a life that is inspiring millions of people globally. Her father left this planet when she was still very young and she had mother by her side as her role model and source of immense love and strength. She went on to become an air hostess after being picked from an event she was managing for an event management company. She then entered the famous kannada language serial on TV called Big Boss and then her fan following rose beyond the borders of her city. Her dreams didn't take pause and today she is awaiting her license to be a pilot. Learn more about Neha Ramkrishna

2. Erin Schrode from USA

Erin co-founded an organisation for the social welfare when she was just 13 years of age and it did seem have taken the world by absolute astonishment. A dynamic, passionate and ambitious young woman who co-founded Turning Green is now working towards the vision of a greener earth for almost 11 years. Everything that she wears and uses make a statement of being eco-friendly. Read more about Erin Schrode.

3. Noleen Mariappen from UK

Noleen Mariappen is an Entrepreneur, consultant, author, philanthropist and coach. She is also the co-founder of hologram tech company while holding equity in several other companies like Bevelry Hills choppers and Black Gardenia too. She has partnered with many other companies and individuals too. She has authored five books that guide start-ups, passive income, time management and more & also initiated and lead many a foundations. The list to talking about her is definitely endless and the inspiration from her story is definitely unlimited. Read more about Noleen Mariappen

4. Sneha Sharma from India

This woman hails from India and is India's only formula 4 racer who started out at the mere age of 16 to set records and break records as a racer in India. She indeed succeeded far too well at it and made her mark possibly everywhere. Besides, being a leading racer she is a pilot in leading airline in India and appears at conferences to inspire young people too. She now is an inspiration to millions and at 24 stands all chances to make it to elite hall of fame of Indian women in no time. Follow the story of Sneha Sharma and read more about her.

5. Naeema N Butt From Pakistan

Tom boyish upbringing is common but in orthodox Asian families is not so easy and this woman got that. She found her interests in Sports, drama and took inspiration early on to become a change maker from Pakistan. She today is the founder of Pehlaaj and president of World Merit from Pakistan. She also is among the former football players for women, social activist, theatre activist and more from Pakistan. At 25 she is multi-managing what most cannot imagine to do in their late 30s. Read more about Naeema here.

6. Karolina Mazetyte from Tunisia

Karolina Mazetyte is the co-founder and president of Youth to Youth initiative, that aims to inspire and empower youth worldwide, through actions and project implementations on local, regional and international levels. Karolina is involved in volunteering for various initiatives that inspire youth towards growth and excellence in their paths and arenas. She has been the reason for many to be able to grab and utilise growth opportunities too. She is Peace Revolution’s European Peace Summit Coordinator besides everything else she is. Learn more about Karolina Mazetyte.

7. Aya Chebbi From Lithuania

Aya Chebbi, 28, from Tunisia, Pan-African feminist activist and blogger. She is also the founder and Chair of the African Youth Movement. Aya has been involved with various networks, supporting social causes. She is also the co-founder of VOW (Voice Of Women) initiative. She previously worked at the refugee camps during Libya’s civil war, at Bureau de Cooperation Tunisie-Denmark on youth development projects in Tunis, and at the Carter Center monitoring 2012 Egyptian Presidential Elections, in Cairo. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation. Read more about Aya Chebbi.
Next time somebody tells you that women are yet to show their mettle shoot them this link and let each of these 7 powerful shells shoot the trash out of their minds. Next time you meet a young girl beginning to dream shoot them this link and let her know that her dreams don't have to draw the pattern that meets the blueprint of education system or that of the role models world thinks are fit for women or girls to follow or define their capacities. Just let them know they are invincible and best as they are and can believe and walk their dreams to create their story which is their right and their reward.

If you know of inspiring young girls/women in your circles/vicinity share their names, social media profile links or details with us in comments or eMail us at contemporaries-world@gmail.com. We shall reach out to them(or have our partners reach out to them) to cover their stories and feature their great work.

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