How to use PicsArt Collage Maker to make a Collage of 2:1 Ratio

Published On : 1st July, 2017
In this article you will learn how to create a collage of your photos exactly in 2:1 ratio using the PicsArt app. PicsArt allows you to create a collage of 1:1, 3:4, 4:3 ratios by default. But here we will see how to use the same tool to create one of 2:1 ratio.

(All the below screenshots are taken on the iPhone PicsArt version as on July '17)

Step 1: Open PicsArt App and Create New Image

Click on the pink plus icon at the bottom center of the screen.

Step 2: Select Collage Option

Step 3: Select Grid Option

Step 4: Select Your Photos

Select the photos you want in the college. I have selected 5 photos here. Once you select them, click on the collage shown at the top. In the next screen you can choose a different grid design.

Step 5: Choose a Grid Design

Choose 4:3 ratio and choose a grid design that has the bottom row empty. This is the main step because we have to choose a grid with more number of photos than we have selected, so that we can crop off the lower part of the image to achieve a 2:1 ratio.

Step 6: Customize Your Collage

Click on the collage to get this customization option where you can exchange the photos, resize them (zoom in / zoom out), rotate them and also move the borders of the grid top / bottom or left / right to get a perfect collage. Then click on the top right arrow for next step.

Step 7: Resize the Collage

If you want your final collage to be of a particular size, you can resize it first before cropping. If you are okay with any size of 2:1 ratio, you can skip this step. Here I want to resize my photo to 1200px width by 600px height, so I click on Tools and select Resize.

Please note that with resize option you can only resize in the same aspect ratio. So I only set the width as 1200 and leave the height as it is.

Step 8 : Crop Your Collage to 2:1 Ratio

Click on Tools and select Crop this time. Click on the dimension of the image on top of the screen to type the values you want. Now here, whatever width you see (I see 1200 because I resized it.), type exactly half the value of the width as the height. (Do not edit the width because we will loose some part of the picture. If you want to edit the width, do that in Resize option first). Click "OK"

Step 9: Adjust the Image

You might want to move the collage upwards or downwards to get the best part of your photos. Then click "Apply"

Step 10: That's It! There You Go!

You have your 2:1 photo collage to put up on social media, in your blog or share it with your people. If you liked this hack and found it useful, do share this piece of article.

Happy editing!

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