Rising Traffic Is A Definite Contemporary Issue But Improper Parking Even More

Published On : 12th August, 2017

This might sound something displeasing to you and pleasing to you too. While it pleases you of the experience you shall have on the roads in India, it might displease you that you may not either be able to own a car or have to use a part of your own land because you may have to allocate it for parking of your vehicles or make arrangements which are friendly to ensuring you don’t use up the roads for it.

As the automobile generation we have all seen a drastic change from the times that went by where owning a car was a repute to owning a car being a minimum for many many households in India. It might not come to anyone as a surprise to see the roads/streets clogged with cars all over and taking up majority of the space that government called it for mobility as stagnant wasted spaces almost like there were homes or buildings constructed on them.

While the government cannot induce this change immediately because of the difficulties in bringing about this change, not thinking around these lines will create bottlenecks almost everywhere. Extra fat and cholesterol levels in body blocks arteries and veins from proper blood flow leading to heart attacks is a perfect analogy for Indian roads at this stage where extra vehicles that are parked almost everywhere without any special permits are beginning to clog the roads for mobility.

Photo Credits: Ankit Bafna

The traffic nuisance is building up on one side, but could that also be due to a large amount of space on roads being used up for keeping the vehicles standing parked outside homes, offices, large commercial complexes and more. There are places where such spaces are allocated considering the importance of the streets where I still feel it’s important to ensure parking complexes are built instead of allocating spaces for parking.

The vision has to be a parking space in every street corner built large enough to accommodate many many vehicles at cost to those wanting to have the facility and enjoy the luxuries too.

Photo Credits: Ankit Bafna

The scenes are not at all uncommon for most people across the country where people make claims to ensure parking places in front of their homes aren’t used up by others. They make statements like “Park it in front of your house” almost as authoritatively as claiming to own the space in front of their home officially. In Bangalore where I come from the statements like “Nim Mane munde maadkoli parking!” “Iddu naama jaaga” “Illi Namma gaadi barutte” [meaning “park it in front of your house”, “This is our place”, “Our vehicle would come in sometime” respectively].

But, Driving in Bangalore for me has almost become like a video game scene where I’m given a driving test every single day to neither get my own car rubbed against scores of other vehicles parked in streets in all the possible patterns you can’t think of, nor get myself hurt in an accident while driving where everyone is trying to reach the signal before everyone else and escape first from it in a “no matter what” state of mind while driving. I’m sure this is the scene in most metros and important cities of India.

Amit Punjabi, A NLP Coach from Bangalore says it’s “annoying and needs to be addressed immediately”. Shruti Balasa, Chief Developer at iU eMagazine says “Parking space is becoming a rising problem and she is unsure if there exists a solution to it”; Ankit Bafna, Manager at Chandan Trading says “Every house must have parking facility compulsorily”; Kunal Jain from SIMUS says “It’s responsibility of both authorities and people. People must park sensibly and authorities must construct and allocate parking spaces wherever possible.”

Photo Credits: Kunal Jain

Dr Chandni from Jogindernagar, in Himachal Pradesh claims that hilly areas aren’t spared either and are experiencing the woes of this parking place issue. She says there isn’t enough space to build houses because most area is under forest division and over and above that, this issue of rising no of vehicles on the ground is creating troubles taking away the charm of life in a hilly region. One of the rare responses from Nokha, Rajasthan, from Mr Jayesh Lalwani, who is a CA, claims no presence of this chaos in upcoming cities like his, because of slightly bigger homes & spaced out roads that allow the people there with enough parking space in most areas of his city/town.

The scene is surely calling for an urgent response, the authorities, the corporations, the government agencies, the citizens and everyone else needs to get prudent around this issue before public issue around looms large enough that trying anything at all will mean killing the culture of parking wherever of millions of people and issuing hard rules that will call for protests and rallies against something that is being launched for the good of the people actually rallying.

We need to look into this issue and issue a law where unless you own a parking garage in your home you aren’t allowed to own a vehicle, or unless you construct a parking facility you aren’t allowed to rent your building/premises to others. This would free up large amount of spaces on the streets and roads allowing a lot of breather for the mobility, which in my sense, would affect our traffic flow through roads majorly for many years to come.

Uncontrolled growth leads to issues that need policy attention, calls for innovation, and immediate resolution of issues. Does this mean this a call for new startup ideas and better lives of people around this or does this mean new laws that will enforce betterment of this situation for all or culmination of all these. What’s your take/view on this and do you feel you have encountered this too in your city/region?

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