The Most Commonly Used HashTags Globally!!!

Published On : 14th June, 2017

Twitter is a source of rich information and a place to make great connections but above all it's the hashtag world as we all know it well enough by now. You're reading this because you too have used this special character more often than "!" in your life by now if you are a twitter freak.

You can connect with everyone you wish to at first connection, at least stay in tune with their updates. In such times there are more things happening with the large amounts of tweets that get published every single day, there are things trending and there are things that are trends generally.

There are certain hashtags that have gained large popularity over a period of time and observation of the web of people connected on twitter gives you very valuable insights. How valuable they are depends on how you would make use of it, but they are definitely insightful to know.

It's observed by us off late, that a large group of people over twitter want to share inspirational quotes, lessons of life, marketing lessons, business lessons, blogging tips, travel tips and experiences, tips to startup, excitement for food, search engine optimisation, business services and the fact that they know something which everybody else needs to know and they will get into hall of fame!

So the following hashtags according to our finding, are very very popular for some reasons we thought we could share with you :)

1. #inspiration

With this hashtag you can generally observe that there are picture quotes added or some picture that signifies something positive to cast a spell of inspiration. Every moment someone is feeling inspired for better design, creative thinking, more impact, more efforts, better living or just wants to inspire everyone else and the use of this hashtag becomes natural and above all at times to get more attention of others somehow.

2. #blog

People are wanting to promote their's, their friends' or their company's blogs and get the traffic via all social media channels and hence they are tweeting to this hashtag. Everybody got a chance to feel the world would read them now and the power of reaching out with their voice and possibility of going viral too because of being able to blog. Everybody thinks that someone out there is always seeking to read and hence will come across their write-up and share it with everyone else. Just like you would by now, think of sharing this one :)

3. #marketing

People want to either help other market, promote their marketing services or hashtag their marketing campaign to highlight that they're marketing. It's so evident that this must be the case, because once this #blog is ready it will be sent out for #marketing. Everything that is created needs to get attention and everybody who is on twitter wants to grab someone's attention which makes #marketing become the cynosure of everyone's effort on twitter who is trying to get his idea, opinion, product or service reach out to people.

4. #travel

Most tweets with this hashtag are pictures and are posted almost every second. People either want to share their travel experiences and hashtag it, or make sure they encourage others to travel, company's promoting their travel packages, country's promoting their tourism properties or people simply excited because they are travelling with their friends, family, colleagues or solo. There are scores of people who are taking up travelling us their career leaving everything else and needless to say this is a important hashtag to their life. Smiling now already? :)

5. #entrepreneurship

People either want to talk about their struggles, friends who are running companies, their role models or the journey as an entrepreneur and how it ain't everyone's cup of tea. There are also scores of institutes that teach Entrepreneurship, mentors willing to give advice, people motivating themselves or others while having tough times or those that are feeling proud of their journey use this hashtag often.

6. #startup

Kicked by a Idea or by a VC, excited about a journey of being an Entrepreneur or traversing the journey of resource challenges of Startups this will be the hashtag under all such cases. Everybody somehow wants to think of an idea that can change the world, which is very good, but how many ways would the world change and in how many directions still remains a question and we are sure the search on this hashtag won't reveal this answer at all stages but it sure will give you an understanding of who to reach out too.

7. #seo

With so much content would you not easily predict that it will be difficult to put out everything easily available, So, our #SEO takes centre stage. People giving services, needing, using or promoting their intelligences are busy using these letters. Wonder how world looked like without a search engine? It wasn't optimal for living? ;) But that's the trend.

8. #Food

Who wouldn't have guessed the moment this blog was being read that this is one of the hashtags to get included for sure. Everybody out there is either eating at a restaurant they haven't before, trying a dish they haven't had before, eating out, wanting to eat out, wanting to try new dishes, travelling just to grab a byte, experimenting with cooking, promoting shows that invite everyone's cooking talent or probably wanting to get fed. #Food becomes a natural thing to post to.

What hashtags you think we missed and you have come across that they are outrageously popular and always seem to be trending? Let us know in comments and we would love to hit search and see the flowing twitter feed around them.. "#share" could be one of them isn't it? ;)

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